Open Letter to EU-Council and Representatives of EU-states, 2022

Also the Representatives of the EU-council as well as EU-states have been informed about key statements of IASTEC regarding a sustainable and environmentally friendly future of mobility in June 2022.

Open Letter to EU-Parliament, 2022

Hundreds of university teachers and scientists, experts in thermodynamics, energy balancing, fluiddynamics, energy conversion, mechanics from the studies of mechanical engineering, process engineering and chemistry engineering as well as natural sciences contacted the members of European Parliament to inform about major concerns of the scheduled regulation leading to increased CO2 emissions.

The open letters explains the mathematics in a simplified way and contains important key messages.

Hundreds of experts from Academia all over the world signed or support this letter!

Open Letter to EU-Commission, 2021

The members of IASTEC wrote an open letter to the EU-Commission in June 2021 in order to support the current ambitions to improve the CO2 emission situation.

6 representatives from South-West Europe, South Europe, South-East Europe, East-Europe, North-Europe and Central Europe signed the open letter on behalf of the scientific members of IASTEC.

Basically IASTEC thanked the EU-Commission for their activities in order to enable a sustainable development of our continent but they also mentioned severe concerns and offered their support.